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Take Up Space

Jul 18, 2021

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Sebastian De Geer is a multiple Emmy-nominated visual storyteller and the proud owner of GeereD Up Films, LLC, which he launched in 2014. As a passionate storyteller, he collaborates with clients of all sizes to help them engage with their audiences through compelling video. He serves clients...

Jul 11, 2021

Isaac is a certified coach, trainer and speaker who works with business owners and their leaders to create transformational change within their teams. He focuses on: 1. Team development 2. Leadership and management training 3. Creating a culture of performance and accountability Team up with Isaac to take your team from...

Jul 4, 2021

RJ is an adventurer, a husband, a father and a leader. He currently serves as Operations Manager with a large utility organization. He lives by the values of integrity, openness and adventure. Find his podcast on PodBean, Google and Spotify: The Praus Project.